Dear Colleagues and Friends

It is a real pleasure and a great honour for me to welcome you as the new President of the European Society for Experimental Mechanics. I am very proud to lead again EURASEM after almost 10 years because our Society is a world-renowned organization counting many distinguished scientists that have made in the past, currently make and will certainly make in the future, fundamental contributions to experimental mechanics. 

In the next four years to the 2016 ICEM conference I would like to ask your collaboration in increasing the reputation of the Society and spreading its diffusion over Europe and the rest of the world, involving other international organizations like SEM, JSEM and ASEM.

We have to attract more and more people, especially young researchers, and involve them in the activities of our society. The enthusiasm, the thirst of knowledge, the stubbornness of young members will be the natural complement to the experience of senior members.

We must face the challenges put by the new technologies. World is running fast and experimental mechanics must run fast as well. It was less than 10 years ago when I ran my first term as chairman of EURASEM. Since that time most aspects in the way of doing research underwent profound changes: to mention just one for all, the quantity of information available in literature has increased exponentially and the velocity in gathering lot of information on some topic is skyrocketing year by year.

Investigations at the nano-scale, integration of various technique to improve accuracy and increase resolution of measurements and modelling, testing and characterization of novel materials must be the core of the activity of our society in the next four years.

We have to disseminate our novel contributions in the flagship journal of the Society, in our technical meetings and other events. This will be the best preparation for the next ICEM conference.

I believe we can accomplish these ambitious goals and enhance the role of EURASEM in the scientific community operating in that wonderful field called Experimental Mechanics. I will count on you to make all this happen and you can count on me to make all this happen.


My best regards and wishes for a Very Happy New Year 2013

Carmine Pappalettere